Prince Sultan Research Center for Environment, Water and Desert (formerly known as Center for Desert Studies) was established in 1986 (1406H) as an independent administration directly linked to the office of the Rector of King Saud University

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Administration of Information,Coordination & Cooperation

Administration of Information, Coordination and Cooperation

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Community Services

The Center provides the community with technical expertise and training, as well as its publications, booklets and bulletins. It also distributes plants and trees to citizens and national organizations during Arbor Weeks.

Upcoming Projects


Characteristics of desertification, and resistance to it in al-Ahsa oasis.


Resistance to desertification, reforestation and cultivation of deteriorated desert locations.

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Al-Zoghet M F (1985) A guide to plant growing in the Riyadh region, Community Service Center- King Saud University.

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