International Journal Of Water Resources & Arid Environments (IJWRAE) Volume 5, number 1 (April 2016)

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(01-11) Assessment of Hydrological Changes in the Nile River Due to the Construction of Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia

Mohammed El- Bastawesy

(12-17) Study of Environmental Impact of A Desalination Plant in Semi Arid Regions

Noureddine Hassini, Abdel Madjid Dobbi and Belaid Abder Rahmani

(18-21) Sister Chromatid Exchange Analysis among Underground Water Wells Workers in Saudi Arabia

Entissar S. AlSuhaibani

(22-28) Groundwater Modeling of an Aquifer in Sharqiyah Region, Sultanate of Oman

Ahmad Sana and Mahad Baawain

(29-34) Socio-Economic Studies on Treated Wastewater Reuse in Western Desert, Egypt: An Integrated Approach

Ezzat. M. Abd El Lateef, Jeremy E. Hall, Mahmoud A.A. Farrag and Aziza A. Farrag

(35-42) Managing Water Demands for a Rapidly Growing City in Semi-Arid Environment: Study of Las Vegas, Nevada

Sajjad Ahmad

(43-53) Assessment of Groundwater Quality and its Suitability for Drinking and Agricultural Use in Batinah Coastal Plain, Sultanate of Oman

Brahim Askri, Md. Shafiquzzaman, B.N. Ravikumar, Asima Kaleem and Khater Ben Khamis Al Farisi

(54-62) A Decision Support Model for Reservoir Operation

V. Sudha and N.K. Ambujam]

(63-71) Modern Techniquesfor Mapping Soil Salinity and the Hard Pan Layer at the Agricultural and Research Station of KFU, Al Hassa, KSA

Ahmed El Mahmoudi, Adel A. Hussein and Yousf Al-Molhem