International Journal Of Water Resources & Arid Environments (IJWRAE) Volume 7, Number 1 (April 2018)

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(01-20) Khyal Model: A New Approach of Optimum Integrated Management and Allocation of Water Resources Tool within Water Scarcity in Egypt

Khyal A. Zahra

(21-35) Simulation of Hydrologic Processes through SWAT and Modis ET for Sirsa RiverBasin in Western Himalaya

Dr. Narender Verma

(36-43) Screening Various Cultivars of Seashore Paspalum (Paspalum vagenitum Swartz) for Salt Tolerance for Potential Use as a Cover Plant in Combatting Desertification

Mohammad Pessarakli

(44-51) Evaluation Methodologies for Forensic Reports on Flood Damage

Ahmed Khaddour

(52-69) Groundwater Resource of Indus Plain Aquifer of Pakistan Investigations, Evaluation and Management

A.D. Khan

(70-78) Bioremoval of Textile Effluent Dye by Aspergillus fumigates

Wafaa M. Abd El-Rahim

(79-89) Modulating Nutrition, Physiology and Production of Maize Through Rhizobium phaseoli and Mesorhizobium ciceri Inoculation under Drought Stress Conditions

Dr. Muhammad Baqir Hussain

(90-100) Hydrochemical Characteristics of Some Typical Freshwater Springs - A Case Study of Kashmir Valley Springs

Sami Ullah Bhat

(101-115) Flash Flood Management in Arid Areas

Eman Ahmed Hassan El-Sayed

(116-129) Sustaining Water and Energy Use in Semi-Arid Agriculture Region in Gujarat, India: Application of Optimal Control Model

F.A. Shaheen

(130-143) Environmental Management of Groundwater in the Eastern Nile Delta, Egypt

Elsayed M. Abu El Ella