Desertification Control Unit

The Center is concerned with the study of desertification in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula. It seeks

to offer appropriate solutions to the problems, promoting  control of the process itself and maintain environmental balance,

as well as the study of sands, their problems and their movement, and the mutual relationship between sand and wild plants. The Center seeks to contrive best methods to prevent sand movement and to enhance afforestation. Furthermore, it also concerns with the growth and development of wild desert flora, and utilizing such plants in the improvement of the environment, afforestation and in combating desertification, as well as to develop their biodiversity.


The Center actively participates in local, regional and international studies concerning combating desertification and preservation of ecological balance. It is also a member of the national committee charged with preparing a strategy and concrete plans to combat desertification.

 One of the prominent projects of the center in the field of combating desertification is "The utilization of remote sensing technologies to study the desertification phenomenon and to confine its spread in Al-Ahsa Oasis project"

The project is designed to carry out a scientific study with remote sensing devices to figure out matters such as: the extent of desertification spread in the oasis, the dangerous forms of environment deterioration caused by sand creep, excessive arid conditions, soil erosion due to wind blow, vegetation deterioration, and negative human impacts incurred by more construction of buildings, uprooting palm trees, excessive wood cutting, and over use of pasturelands.

Vegetation cover is of prime concern to the Center as it constitutes a vital element in the desert ecosystem. Through researches done on vegetation phenomenon, some decisive methods can be defined and utilized to preserve perpetual vegetation.

A space image of Al-Ahsa Oasis