Environmental Studies

The Center has prepared a study of the bioregions in the Kingdom on the basis of the prevailing climate and environmental conditions. It aimed at specifying the temperature range, annual rainfall, percentage of evaporation and transpiration, in order to arrive at a clear picture of the climate and aridity, and its relationship with plant formations in the Kingdom. Awareness of the bioregions derives its significance from the fact that it is a good source of environmental, climatic, terrestrial and biological information which is required by development plans to design the agricultural policy needed to develop renewable natural resources, particularly with regard to those factors which play an important role in the growth of plants, and identification of environmental factors which abet usage of modern methods to arrive at environmental equilibrium and sustainable environmental development.

Desertification Control Unit

The Center is concerned with the study of desertification in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula. It seeks

to offer appropriate solutions to the problems, promoting  control of the process itself and maintain environmental balance,

as well as the study of sands, their problems and their movement, and the mutual relationship between sand and wild plants. The Center seeks to contrive best methods to prevent sand movement and to enhance afforestation. Furthermore, it also concerns with the growth and development of wild desert flora, and utilizing such plants in the improvement of the environment, afforestation and in combating desertification, as well as to develop their biodiversity.

Environmental Systems Unit

 The Center supervises the implementation of King Saud University’s plans for developing the Saudi environment, which comprise nine proposed topics, namely: environmental systems, environmental pollution, waste management, health risk of pollution and pollutants, environmental investment, environmental degradation, development of natural resources and protection of the work environment, and environmental education. The projects are subsidized by His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector General.