Environmental Systems Unit

 The Center supervises the implementation of King Saud University’s plans for developing the Saudi environment, which comprise nine proposed topics, namely: environmental systems, environmental pollution, waste management, health risk of pollution and pollutants, environmental investment, environmental degradation, development of natural resources and protection of the work environment, and environmental education. The projects are subsidized by His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector General.

The following projects have been selected, sanctioned, financed and supervised by the Center:

- Project 1: Environmental systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – realities and expectations.

- Project 2: Environmental pollution by lead and its effect on the inhabitant's health of Riyadh city.

- Project 3: A study of the flow of sewage water in soil; its effect on subterranean water in the city of Riyadh

- Project 4: An analytical study of water supplies and demand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- Project 5: The utilization of remote sensing technologies to study the desertification phenomenon and to confine its spread in Al-Ahsa Oasis.

The aforementioned five projects are in effect starting from April 2005 (Rabi Al Awal 1426H).

More researches were carried out at this unit such as:
1- The soil ecosystem as a source of air pollution.
2- Nitrate transformation in nitrate-contaminated soils and groundwaters.
3- Thermodynamic study on the formation, decomposition and oxidation of methane in the soil atmosphere.