International Journal Of Water Resources & Arid Environments (IJWRAE) Vol 1(5) Oct. 2011

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(304-311) Cultural Practices to Combat Degradation under Rainfed Areas in the Northern Coastal Plain in Egypt

Ahmed Kamel

(312-317) Sustainable Salinity Management for Combating Desertification in PakistanAli

Hassan Shah, Khalid Hussain Gill and Najaf Iqbal Syed

(318-325) Combat Degradation in Rain Fed Areas by Introducing New Drought Tolerant Crops in Egypt

Amr Shams

(326-333) Screening of Drought Resistant Range Plants for Controlling Desertification in Saudi Arabia

Ghulam Hussain and Ali A. Al Jaloud

(334-341) Using Polyculture for Combating Desertification in Egypt. Case Study

Hussein F.H. Abouziena, Elham 2 and Z. Abd-ElMotty and A.F. Sahab

(342-352) Cause and Combat of Agriculture Land Desertification in Egypt Related to River Processes

Karima Attia and Yasser Raslan

(353-359) Preservation of Desert Environments from Urban Pollution

Kouloughli Salim

(360-365) Biological Technique in Combating Desertification Processes Using a True Halophytic Plant

Mohammad Pessarakli and Hayat Touchane

(366-377) LANDSAT, Spectral Mixture Analysis and Change Vector Analysis to Monitor Land Cover Degradation in a Savanna Region in Sudan (1987-1999-2008)

Mona A.A. Dawelbait and Francesco Morari

(378-381) A Decision Support Tool to Assess Desertification Condition in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions

Muna M. Elhag and Sue Walker

(382-386) Restoration of Degraded Semi-Arid Communal Grazing Land Vegetation Using the Exclosure Model

Tesfay Yayneshet