Prince Sultan Institute for Environmental, Water and Desert Research  معهد الأمير سلطان لأبحاث البيئة والمياه والصحراء

International Journal Of Water Resources & Arid Environments (IJWRAE) Vol 4(2) Oct. 2015

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(94-104) Effects of a Bio-Stimulant and Salinity Stress on Growth and Quality of Ryegrass (Lolium prenne L.), an Urban Desert Landscape and Forage Crop, for Sustainable Agriculture in Arid Regions

Mohammad Pessarakli

(105-111) Low-Cost Technology for Wastewater Treatment for Irrigation Reuse

Esawy Kasem Mahmoued

(112-119) Membrane Manufacturing, Testing and Evaluation in Brackish Water Desalination in the Arid Regions: A Case Study in Wadi El-Assiuti, Upper Egypt

E.M. Abu El Ella and M.M. Sellim

(120-127) A New Conceptual Framework for Water Conservation Based on Addressing Water Balance, Crop Rotation and Economics

A.Z. El-Bably, S.A. Abd El-Hafez, M.A. Mahmoud and Samiha A.H. Oud

(128-137)Development of Nondestructive Measurement Technology for Detecting the Salinity Stress of Jatropha under Saline Irrigation Levels

Ahmed A. Afifi

(138-145) Watershed Analysis of Rabigh Drainage Basin, Saudi Arabia

Nayyer A. Zaigham, Omar S. Aburizaiza, Gohar A. Mahar, Zeeshan A. Nayyar and Azhar Siddique

(146-153) Environmental Impacts of Industrial Wastewater Effluents on Water Quality of Nile River

Abdelkader T. Ahmed

(154-162) Groundwater Management in the Esna Area, Upper Egypt: An Application of Remote Sensing and Numerical Modeling

Manal Abdel Monem, Abdalla Faid, Esam Ismail and Matthias Schöniger

(163-170) Climate Change Impact on Groundwater in Cheliff-zahrez Basin (Algeria)

M. Meddi and A. Boucefiane

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