International Journal Of Water Resources & Arid Environments (IJWRAE) Volume 11, Number 1, (April 2022)


(01-12) Development of Nanoformulation to Encapsulate Fungicides to Minimize Water Pollution in Agriculture Lands

W.M.W.W. Kandegama

(13-17) Efficiency of Phosphorus in Cultivation of Cotton and Winter Wheat in Uzbekistan

A.J. Bairov, N. Yu. Abdurakhmonov, Sh.A. Juraev and X.T. Nuriddinova

(18-26) Morpho-Anatomical Traits for Woody- Plant Adaptation to Drought: Case of Atriplex canescens in Southwest Algeria

Berrichi Mohamed, I. Kada Medjahed and Gasmi Bensalah

(27-42) Neo-Hydro-Tectonic Assessment of As-Sabaya Island Emerged in Southern Saudi Arabian Red Sea Offshore Region

Nayyer A. Zaigham, Omar S. Aburizaiza, Zeeshan A. Nayyar, Gohar A. Mahar and M. Abbas

(43-61) Environmental and Hydrological Consequences of Agriculture Activities: General Review & Case Study

Sajid Mahmood, Zeyneb Kiliç, Muhammad Mazhar Saeed, Hafiz Abdur Rehman, Zafer Aslan, Eman I. Elsarag, Ijaz Ahmad and Saif Haider

(62-80) Application of ARIMA Models in Forecasting Average Monthly Rainfall in Birzeit, Palestine

Deeb Aborass, Hassan Abu Hassan, Ibrahim Sahalash and Hussein Al-Rimmawi