Prince Sultan Institute for Environmental, Water and Desert Research  معهد الأمير سلطان لأبحاث البيئة والمياه والصحراء

International Journal Of Water Resources & Arid Environments (IJWRAE) Volume 5, number 2 (Oct. 2016)

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(72-85) Mapping of Flash Flood Hazard Prone Areas Based on Integration Between Physiographic Features and Gis Techniques (Case Study of Wadi Fatimah, Saudi Arabia)

Milad Masoud, Burhan Niyazi, Amro Elfeki and Syed Zaidi

(86-91) A Convection-Decay Model for Simulating the Transmission of Flood Waves in Ephemeral Channels in Arid Zones

Amro M.M. Elfeki, Hatem A. Ewea, Jarbou A. Bahrawi and Nassir S. Al-Amri

(92-98) Spatio-Temporal Rainfall Analysis at Wadi Fatima for Flood Risk Assessment

Burhan Niyazi, Amro Elfeki, Milad Masoud and Syed Zaidi

(99-108) Improving Water Management of Vegetables Irrigation in Plastic Houses in Palestine

Majed Subhi Abusharkh

(109-117) Water Resources Conservation in Agriculture: Sensitivity Analysis for Climate Change and Growing Seasons

Shakhawat Chowdhury and Muhammad Al-Zahrani

(118-126) GIS and Database for a Groundwater Assessment and Management of the Rmel-Oulad-Ogbane Aquifers (Larache,Morocco)

Mohamed Jalal El Hamidi, Abdelkader Larabi, Mohamed Faouzi and Rachid Essafi

(127-133) Upward Seepage at the Downstream Toe of Hydraulic Structures External Suffosion / Fluidisation

Ahmed Khaddour

(134-143) Managing Overpumped Aquifers - A Road to Sustainable Water Use

W. Kinzelbach, G. Pedrazzini and H. Wang

(144-149) An Investigation of Groundwater Recharge Utilizing Multiple Wells System

Hassan Ibrahim Mohamed

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